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Web3 Builders

We will teach you Blockchain, DeFi, Crypto, DAO, NFT and much more and
and then help you get a job, find a team or get going with your own project.

what we do:


We offer a wide range of services to support your journey into web3 world. Workshop is our top suggestion.


Web3 Builders supports companies with talent recruitment. We offer both monthly subscription and individual hires.



If you want to dive into web3 world and get the deepest knowledge of it, join us for a two-week long offline bootcamp

offline events

We love to give back, that is why we constantly organise free events in Helsinki and other cities to educate the community.

our mission

We strive for education. That is why our most important aim is to educate specialists who are planning to transition into web3 and then match companies with talented applicants.


We will provide participants with needed knowledge about Web3, Blockchain, DeFi, Cryptocurrencies, NFT, DAOs, etc. to help them find a way into web3 as an employee, a part of an existing project, a private investor or a founder of their own company,

upcoming events:


27th of Feb at 16:00

Navigating challenges in web3

A dynamic and informative discussion on the role of companies in the rapidly growing world of blockchain and web3. Our panel of experts will share their insights on how corporations are experimenting with these cutting-edge technologies and what the future of business might look like as a result.



Mari Luukkainen

Anna Mustonen


Register below for the largest local crypto event:


Have you been considering a web3 project launch? Or would like to add another brunch to your existing business? We are sure the web3 will pave the way into the future and it is important to catch up. Web3 Builders can support you along the journey.

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Web3 Builders are happy to provide a comprehensive overview of a web3 world. Dive into the topic and learn the basics of it during 4-5 hour workshop. Workshops are custom-made to match your needs the best way possible.

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NFT launch

Building a brand awareness by creating an NFT collection - a popular way to attract a target audience. We could support you every step of the away, from NFT creation to community management.

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Educational Services

Are you a business owner and want to educate your employees about web3 and all associated activities? Web3 Builders organise lecture and coaching programs with invited guest speakers.

our team:

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